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a Creative mess Blog


a Creative mess Blog


Freebies from June 12th up until June the 18th.


I’m addicted to Creative Market and I have to confess that when a Monday is going slow and I suddenly realize it’s a new week of Freebies on C.M. I get a spring in my step and turn on my computer! Every week C.M. features six freebies, highlighting six designers using the C.M. platform. They are available here. Check out in this post some things I’ve created today using the freebies.

Sometimes I find that I’m not so excited about what I find, but sometimes I love what I find. If you’re into bullet journals, snail mail or other creative like projects signing up for the freebies will be worth your while!

If you’re a hustler and need to have catchy graphics for your IG or other social media the social media packages can be a great asset for your business. This week the Mini Color Pop Social Media back from Marigold Studios is available for free.

Made with…

a Creative mess Blog

a Creative mess Blog

customize to your liking

a Creative mess Blog

Mini Color Pop Social Media Pack


View the product page on C.M. here.

Just recently Creative Market added a new category to their website, Social Media Templates.


The font Oh, Wonder, from The Ink Affair is also featured and used in the quote above. Image is from my daughter (Cierra Henderson). The font is free right now and includes some extras ;). Find it here.

Below is a sentence written with all three styles of the font.

a Creative mess Blog

View all six of the available freebies here.    Every week there is a new selection.

Happy Monday 😉

xoxo Micheile

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