Does your creative sparkle need a boost? Try using products from Creative Market!

The Creative Market Freebies that are free up until the 14th of January (2018) contain a few jewels!

creative market freebies

How’s the new year been so far? Off to a good start or are you struggling to find motivation? My motivation isn’t standing in my way these days *fingers crossed it remains this way! I’ve just finished a new website layout design for my wedding blog EDBM. The website is named Seaside, and I’m officially launching it later today (you can see it now here). Also I’m working on some new freebies for the shop. Who doesn’t love freebies? At least when they are of good quality. This week on Creative Market I was able to download 9 freebies because I’d made a purchase earlier in the week, The January Bundle ♥♥♥, it has 87 products at 97% off. Included are $1,564 worth of goods for only $39! The bundle is available for 6 more days!


Here are the six free goods this week. All you need is an account at Creative Market, and you can download six items every week!


ANIMATED Playful Instagram Posts



Huh! Girls


The Hipster Presentation


Natural linen fabric bundle


OUTDOOR: watercolor collection


Do you have a favorite? Mine is the IG animated stories. I’m in the process of making my own to make available here for free.
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