A French village you have to visit if you’re in Brittany region.

Auray is a picturesque coastal village in Brittany, France just outside of Vannes. It is quaint and charming just as I had hoped it would be. I was charmed with it’s small harbor, colored shutters and roses that were growing up the sides of the stone buildings. The old lettering on the sides of buildings, advertising everything from beer to crepes caught my eye as well as the view of the roof tops as we walked down a cobbled stoned street on our way the Port. I found a Brocante shop full of antiques and curiousities and for lunch, a galette noir, what else?

If you are in the area I recommend visitiong Auray vs. Vannes. Vannes is great if you’re looking for shopping and entertainment, but when in France does one ever get enough of these cute villages? I certainly doubt they will ever become tiresome to me.

Our visit was in June, 2015. Another beautiful adventure I’ve taken with my wonderful boyfriend, Ivo!

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    1. Exciting! Hope you have a great time! I loved Auray! We went to Vannes (great for shopping), but Auray was everything I’d dreamed of seeing in a French village ♥
      Best wishes and safe journeys!

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