Free Magnolia Printable Envelope Liners

Free Magnolia Printable Envelope Liners 

Hi Guys! How’s your week going so far? I’m trying to stay focused this week but it’s hard because I am so tired! I tried earlier today making a video and realized after setting up that I was missing the main ingredient for the video. Back on track now after an afternoon of relaxing in the sun, and doing some brainstorming about the garden.

I’ve made some envelope liners, they are a part of the watercolor magnolia collection. This printable, like all of my printables are free over on the shop.



I simply print them to the size I needed and cut them out with my beat up paper cutter… it’s old and shabby but is so reliable! The paper used is from the inside of a photo album, I believe it is called glassine paper.

You can find these and more in the webshop or download directly here (.zip file).

The .zip file contains 6 .jpg files, 4 .png files and a .pdf.

Enjoy and best wishes =)

xoxo Micheile

P.S. We finished painting our walls along the staircase and are super happy with the color. As soon as it is all styled and cleaned up I’ll share pictures. 


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