How to dye your Easter eggs using natural coloring.

Decorating eggs for Easter can be so much fun. There are so many ways to go about it. Traditionally coloring them in dye in bright colors remains the most popular techniques. Some people really get creative with illustrations, adding hats and drawing faces. We’ve even used nail polish to get a marble look. For the botanical dessert table which I worked on together with Cierra (Bloesem Photography) we decorated eggs with fern and natural dye. We used the skins of some red onions.

We used free range eggs, red onions, a pan for boiling the onions as well as the eggs, fern leaves, pantyhose & some string.



  • peel the onions and boil them in water for +/- 20 minutes
  • place the fern over the egg and wrap tightly with a piece of pantyhose
  • tie off the ends of the pantyhose (they need to be tight)
  • carefully lower the eggs into the boiling water
  • boil the eggs for +/- 10 minutes or however you desire them
  • remove the eggs and let them cool off
  • remove the pantyhose and then the fern
  • you might need or want to rinse them and remove debris


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