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Part two of the nature digital tape collection.

This digital decorative / washi tape set is part 2 of a collection that was formerly on Vintage Rose Brocante. I’m working on many new tapes as well, however these are some favorites so I’m republishing them. 

Spice up your graphics, blog headers, featured images and more using these tapes. I’ve also saved the tapes individually and added them to my digitally made photo albums. They are playful and add a bit of extra color + details to your projects.

This collection features roses. A favorite of mine, and one of the most popular downloads on the site. 


a Creative mess
Paris photo, Cierra Henderson (my daughter)

If you aren’t sure how to use them in Photoshop, please take a look at my tutorial here

To download, simply save the image below (it has a transparent background, making it easier to use).

a Creative mess FREEBIE

As usual I’d like for you to share what you’ve made with me, through the comments or on Facebook, as well as other social media locations.

Have fun with these and have a good week… we’re half way through it!

xoxo Micheile

a Creative mess



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