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LILACS. THE SCENT OF THE FAMILY GARDEN Growing up our garden smelt of lilacs every Spring, and that’s why I always think of home when I smell them. I grew up in Sonoma, California where our spring garden was all about lilacs and summers all about grapes. My parents were chain smokers so I can’t really say they remind me of our home, however they do remind me of the garden. Our garage and pool area were surrounded by lilacs, the…

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An Easter Monday with Family – yes, Monday

An Easter Monday with Family Hello, I hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend. The weather here wasn’t perfect but it was do-able. In the Netherlands we have two official days for Easter, the Sunday and the Monday. This year our Easter celebration was on Monday. We’re not religious so for us it is more of a tradition as well as a way of celebrating spring time.  We organized a brunch at our place this year. With all my family…

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Memories, good and bad – on a personal note

Memories, good and bad -a personal note     This evening I’ve been confronted with memories, good and bad. I am still struggling with how much I’d like to share online. How to you feel about sharing personal information? As a result of sharing what feels like too much in the past, I’ve found myself reluctant in republishing some older posts.  It’s Monday evening, and I’m listening to Ben Howard sing Old Pine. We spent most of the evening on the couch watching…

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