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LILACS. THE SCENT OF THE FAMILY GARDEN Growing up our garden smelt of lilacs every Spring, and that’s why I always think of home when I smell them. I grew up in Sonoma, California where our spring garden was all about lilacs and summers all about grapes. My parents were chain smokers so I can’t really say they remind me of our home, however they do remind me of the garden. Our garage and pool area were surrounded by lilacs, the…

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An Easter Monday with Family – yes, Monday

An Easter Monday with Family Hello, I hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend. The weather here wasn’t perfect but it was do-able. In the Netherlands we have two official days for Easter, the Sunday and the Monday. This year our Easter celebration was on Monday. We’re not religious so for us it is more of a tradition as well as a way of celebrating spring time.  We organized a brunch at our place this year. With all my family…

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Lunch date with like-minded creativepreneurs

a Creative mess

Bloggers lunch 2013 Summer Edition  Lunch date with like minded creativepreneurs 2013? Yes, I’m republishing this one that was previously on Vintage Rose Brocante. I’m going through my hard-drives to clean them up a bit. I try so hard to keep things tidy, but my folders on my PC are a complete mess. I’m so afraid of deleting something that I end up having three folders with the same photographs. Keeping things more organized is something I need to try…

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our vtwonen voorjaarshuis 2017. Fingers crossed!

vtwonen voorjaarshuis || our voorjaarshuis The products and palettes for our vtwonen voorjaarshuis UPDATE: WE LOST :'(  We’re ready for next year! Congrats to the winner! Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to freshen things up around the house. Some spring cleaning and packing away the winter clothing. Time to rearrange a bit and do some work in the garden. Our favorite interior styling + design guru’s from the vtwonen team are always inspirational. We have…

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DUTCH APPLE PIE WITH ALMOND PASTE A TWIST ON THE DUTCH CLASSIC. This is a twist to the classic Dutch Apple Pie ‘appeltaart‘. It contains almond paste and in the dough we added almond flakes, this provides it with a surprise element. I love all types of apple pies. The Dutch ‘appeltaart‘ with a crumbled crust is probably my favourite because I love the spiced crumbled topping. We recently had our housewarming party and this apple pie was one of…

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Winter Comfort in a Cup // Cocoa Recipe

Winter Comfort in a Cup // Cocoa Recipe This cocoa recipe is a favorite of mine. This one is spicy and will warm you up on a cold day. You could say it is the ultimate warm comfort in a cup for cold winter days.  I originally made this post for the HEMA blog. The HEMA blog relationship ended abruptly… the blog has vanished into thin air and I’ve received not a peep from them. So now I’m republishing my…

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Søstrene Grene Enschede Danish Interior with Budget Prices   Søstrene Grene opened today in Enschede (where I live… I blogged about it here). It’s a 15 minute bike ride from my house so I might be visiting often to see what’s new 🙂 They are constantly adding new products to their collection which means I’m probably going to visit the store quite often. My daughter and I went together and went through once without a basket and the second trip…

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FLEXA COLOURFUTURES + #VTWDBEURS Hello =) If you’ve visited lately you might of seen my previous posts from our trip to the 2016 vtwonen + design beurs. Continuing with the series of posts, today I want to share some of the photo’s from the Flexa house at the design expo and soon I’ll tell you a bit about the press event I attended from Flexa. The press event began at 16:30 and I arrived earlier so I could stroll around…

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SØSTRENE GRENE IS COMING TO ENSCHEDE Do you live in the Enschede area and are you planning on going to Søstrene Grene? Maybe you’d like to meet up? Let me know if you’d like to go together. It’s nice sharing my interior passion with other interior junkies! all images were taken from the catalog material from the Søstrene Grene this post was originally from my website (our home)…

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VTWONEN EN DESIGN BEURS 2016 || PART 02 Ariadne at Home is an interior design magazine / keywords: brocante, fresh, romantic, antique, soft, diy, country + sweet.   OTHER Karwei, Eijerkamp …   See previous post for photo’s from the vt wonen dream house. See next post for the Flexa NL house, with painting inspiration from Binti Home, Wimke! + My Attic.  If you have questions regarding the products above let me know so I can help you locate them.…

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