Food Truck Revolution

Food Truck Revolution?

Food Truck Revolution? Slightly exaggerated, but they are a big deal, and it’s a trend I’m crushing on. Two summers ago I attended a music festival, that has sadly come to an end, The Amsterdam Woods Festival. Next to great music, there was also great food, and beer. Oh and let’s not forget the coffee, […]


DUTCH APPLE PIE WITH ALMOND PASTE A TWIST ON THE DUTCH CLASSIC. This is a twist to the classic Dutch Apple Pie ‘appeltaart‘. It contains almond paste and in the dough we added almond flakes, this provides it with a surprise element. I love all types of apple pies. The Dutch ‘appeltaart‘ with a crumbled […]

Winter Comfort in a Cup // Cocoa Recipe

Winter Comfort in a Cup // Cocoa Recipe This cocoa recipe is a favorite of mine. This one is spicy and will warm you up on a cold day. You could say it is the ultimate warm comfort in a cup for cold winter days.  I originally made this post for the HEMA blog. The […]

Naked Carrot + Peach Cake

This cake is my new favourite. It really is the best alternative for the classic carrot cake. Because the cream cheese frosting isn’t completely covering the cake, leaving it partially naked the cake doesn’t become overwhelmingly sweet. I’ve tried versions with pineapple and coconut and I love them too but this is a class higher. […]