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A New Website Design For EDBM. Meet Seaside

I’m thrilled to be able to introduce you to the latest website design available on EDBM, my wedding resources blog. Meet Seaside, an elegant and sophisticated website design. It’s one of three designs available through EDBM. I’m sooooo pleased with the results! Though all of the basic information you might want to share with your guests is on the home page, it also contains dynamic internal pages,  including a video background in the RSVP page. Of course like with all websites available here,…

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Creating a Moodboard with Instant Ink from HP

Creating a Moodboard with Instant Ink from HP A video from Fresh Exchange The best way to come up with great ideas is to create a mood board to conceptualize them. Even better, to make sure your ideas never are put on hold you can sign up for Instant Ink that is compatible with any HP Printer. I will never get tired of making moodboards. Pinterest is great but a non-digital moodboard is still the best =) Don’t you think…

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