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Boho tribal tee pee free printable

A freebie for you

Boho tribal tee pee free printable

This Boho Tribal Tee Pee printable is yours for free. I can be believe I found time to make something just for fun! What a busy time I’ve had, and my health wasn’t up to speed. We’ve removed the floor downstairs and now the new floor is in. We’re so happy with it! The house is really starting to look like we want it to. It’s becoming more personal. With the floor in place we can now start putting things where we’d like them as well as add accessories. Plants, plants and more plants!

a Creative mess

This week is going to be really busy for us because of the remodeling but also I’m doing a photo-shoot for a product review this weekend for the brand Kidorable (stay tuned). Also the website is getting the latest make-over. I’m using the theme Monstera from Station Seven. I’ve got all the themes from them and love each of them. My daughters website, is running now with the theme Parker and we’re hoping to switch it to Coastal very soon. 

Before I go further with #upyourvisuals I’ve decided to get creative and make a freebie for you guys! 


Boho Style Invitation



You can save the images from here on the page (hover over image and with right mouse click ‘save file as’) or you can download the Boho tribal tee pee free printable .zip file in the shop, here (for free!). 

 Have a nice day =)

xoxo teresa Micheile

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