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FLEXA 2018 color of the year is…

FLEXA Paints 2018 Color of The Year is


I’m a huge fan of Flexa! Practically every room in our home has Flexa on the walls, and woodwork. I’ve blogged many times about their paint in the past, here.

A subtle and warm tone of grown-up pink, Heart Wood draws from the tactile qualities of natural wood and leather, conveying comfort and ease in response to consumers wanting to nestle down more and create a “welcome home”.

“As life gets faster, now is the time to press pause,”. “Our home needs to be a place where we can turn down the noise, where we can nurture our values and recharge. Color can play a significant role in addressing the balance between outside clamor and inner calm”. –  Heleen Van Gent, Creative Director at the company’s Global Aesthetic Center.

Heart Wood, captures the mood of the moment and it has four complementary color palettes. The palettes blend harmoniously with the materials from which the color takes its inspiration, while three supporting palettes balance softer shades with deeper and bolder tones.

The Comforting Home palette features warm earth tones, bringing together clay and blush pink tones to calm the mind, soothe the senses and shut out the noise. The Inviting Home palette brings comfort and convenience to life. Cool shades of blue encourage a clear-headed approach to life, while neutrals and fresh green support the need for connection with the outside world. Softer pastel shades are enhanced by coal and ink blue. The Playful Home palette creates a space to inspire and invigorate the senses. Yellow-toned green and gold encourage a creative approach to life. Pops of color add a sense of fun and energy.

Heart Wood Flexa

Heart Wood Flexa


Wondering what it will look like on your walls? Try the Visualizer app from Flexa. It’s free, and available for Android and Apple. It allows you to test the colors live on your own walls. The small paint testing rollers are also a great product for allowing you to play with the colors without committing to a large purchase.


Flexa Kleur van het Jaar 2018 Heart Wood – Interview tussen Kleurexpert Heleen en Binti Home

So what do you think of the ‘color of the year’ from Flexa? I love it and am seriously considering it for our guest room! I’m still so in love with my stylish pink in my work space… this is tempting for there as well though!

Let me know what you think below of the color and the complimenting palettes!



Source: Flexa



Sukhi Kleed is binnen en daar zijn we erg blij mee!


In Nepal betekent Sukhi ‘blij’, en dat zijn wij!


Sukhi maakt producten met een goed verhaal. In Nepal betekent Sukhi ‘blij’, en dat zijn wij! Wij zijn ontzettend gelukkig met onze Ashley Rond bolletjeskleed! En daarvoor willen we Sukhi en voornamelijk Bina Ghale bedanken, want zij heeft het kleed voor ons gemaakt! Ik vind het zo leuk dat ik weet wie het kleed heeft gemaakt. Dat maakt het wat persoonlijker. Ik krijg een goed gevoel bij!

We twijfelden wel over de vraag ‘waar komt ie te liggen?’. Ik was er van overtuigd in de woonkamer, maar uiteindelijk wou ik het kleed voor mijzelf, dus ligt hij nu in mijn werkplekje/slaapkamer. Daar heb ik alles licht, en een beetje zoals mijn vorige woning. Scandinavisch met veel lichte kleuren en zacht hout en grijze tinten.

De rest van onze huis is vintage flora / industrieel met best veel stoere landelijk items en veel planten. Het kleedje stond daar ook mooi bij, maar nogmaals ik wou het zelf hebben  =) Onderaan zijn foto’s die ik heb gemaakt  toen het nog in de woonkamer lag, terwijl ik bezig was met de wigwam. Zo zie je dat hij daarvoor ook goed geschikt is. Het kleedje kan best wat hebben! Goed kwaliteit, dus wees niet bang om zo’n kleed te kopen met kinderen in huis. Onze katten zijn verliefd op het kleed, daar heb ik ook een foto van onderaan (ze willen het liefst daarop liggen).

Kennen jullie Sukhi al? Ik kende ze via Instagram, ze hebben prachtige kleden in verschillende soorten en maten. En zoals ik eerder zei, er zit in verhaal achter.

Sukhi werkt rechtstreeks met de mensen die de kleden maken. Er zijn geen opslagruimtes, winkels of tussenpersonen. Je kunt ze op maat laten maken in de kleuren die je het liefst wilt hebben.

Teresa Micheile Henderson
a Creative mess Blog

Bina Ghale ♥

Teresa Micheile Henderson

In mijn werkruimte / slaapkamer

In de woonkamer.
Ook leuk!

Wij zijn super blij met ons kleed en hij staat mooi in mijn kamertje. De katten vinden het ook zo fijn om op te liggen, zodra de één er op ligt wil de andere ook.

Bij sommige producten die ik koop twijfel ik weleens aan de omstandigheden waarin ze zijn geproduceerd. Denk aan goedkope kleding die soms minder kosten dan de treinreis om ze te gaan kopen. Daar hoor ik soms nare verhalen over en dan koop je het liever niet.

Omdat Sukhi rechtstreeks werkt met mensen die de kleden maken, geen opslagruimte hebben en geen winkel of tussenpersonen, kunnen ze de kosten lager houden. Ze zijn dus erg betaalbaar. De kledenmakers van Sukhi werken onder goede omstandigheden, en krijgen een goed salaris. En dat bedoel ik juist met een goed verhaal. Eerlijke producten waarin je zelf contact hebt met de maker. Ik kan Bina rechtstreeks bedanken voor mijn kleed, voor mijn kleed, en dat ga ik zo doen!

Wil je graag weten wat nu op mijn wenslijst staat van Sukhi? 


‘Wil jij ook dit BolletjesKleed “Ashley”? Ga dan snel naar de website en bestel dit vloerkleed voor jezelf!

Hopelijk ben je aan het genieten van de zomer!

Fijne dag allemaal ♥

xoxo Micheile


This Weeks Four Favorite D.I.Y. Ideas for Weddings

Teresa Micheile Henderson

Four D.I.Y. Ideas for Your Wedding

Another weekly wedding d.i.y. favorites I want to share with you. This week it is bottles + jars for your d.i.y. floral arrangements. Time to think outside of the box, dare to do it yourself and ask for help. 

Don’t be afraid to do the table pieces yourselves. Look at the photo’s of what you like, practice a bit and you’ll get there. It’s big pieces you need a professional for, and your bouquet of course. Save costs by doing isle flowers, table floral details and other details involving pops of flowers. 

Start saving jars, and don’t hesitate on asking friends and family to start saving them too. Let them know what style you’re looking for so you don’t end up with the wrong sizes and style. IKEA has some great bottles as well, for an inexpensive price.

I hope you like these ones, and that they inspire you. The links to the original sources can be found under each segment. I give credit, where credit is do. #sharewithlove

xoxo Micheile



Keeping it simple.

These vases and bottles are stunning, with the choice of flowers used. Notice some of the jars/vases have touch of gold in the center? Great way of adding color or bling without losing the elegance and simplicity. 

Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit with sizes and shapes. Add some colored touches to some of the glass work, but try and resist doing all of them. Sometimes less really is more.

Photo three I added because it was part of the same wedding and I just love the idea of using driftwood, and those initials! #details


Again you see how beautiful, pots, combined with glass drink bottles can be.

Drinking bottles like you see here above can be found at IKEA, for not so much money. The glass pots, again something to start saving up. If you want Mason jars, they are easily available (even here in The Netherlands). Any jam pot used for making your own jam would work.

The third photo shows snacks in what looks like a glass or jar. Also a good idea, for dressing a table.


Upcycle / d.i.y. Hack

Upcycle bottles and jars for your wedding. Depending on your style you can pimp them a bit. Above in idea one you could see they added a touch of gold to the vase. Here they’ve used twine and you could also use ribbon or a decorative tape. 

The wooden tree trunk slice is something I use a lot when styling an outdoor party or wedding. 

I’m personally not so keen on the lantern but you can decide for yourself. I would recommend a glass bottle, this adds height to the table and isn’t so large. 



Here the last three. They are charming, inexpensive and easy to recreate (though I recommend, be inspired and make it YOUR own).

The post is about thinking outside the box, but with number three it’s all about inside the box. It’s lovely, don’t you think?


This Weeks Four Favorite D.I.Y. Ideas for Weddings


Four Favorite D.I.Y. Ideas for Weddings

We’re right in the middle of the wedding season, and I haven’t posted anything about weddings in ages. However, because I know somebody close to me that is getting hitched I’ve become inspired to blog more about weddings, and especially wedding d.i.y. projects.

I’m going to share with you today four of my favorites (I have tons). Every week I’ll post four more, so that I can share with you all of the awesome ideas that are out there for the romantic, yet trendy ‘new bride’. 

Today I have a project from my daughter and I, plus three that I’ve found online I want to share with you. Not all of them are just for weddings, for everyday and entertaining as well as wedding.

I hope you enjoy them ♥

xoxo Micheile



Create eye catching place cards in minutes

This is a simple and easy d.i.y. project that you could let one of your helpers do the day before or morning of the wedding. Depending on what greens you use you could do it even earlier.

Find someone with good penmanship and invite them over and practice with them. You can convey your wishes while enjoying each others company. Take a photo of the result you want so that when your big day comes you’ll be prepared and nobody will have to ask you about them. I’m going to come back on this, the planning of a d.i.y. wedding.

Cierra, my daughter wrote on these apple leaves and also took the photographs.



This is a beautiful d.i.y. gift wrapping idea.

Looking for a unique way to wrap your wedding favors? Let this inspire you! You can customize the style to your wedding theme. Use your imagination on this one!

The d.i.y. can be found on Once Wed, here.

Tutorial by: Simone LeBlanc | Photography: Nancy Neil 


Upcycle / Bouquet d.i.y. Hack

I like this one because it is simple and easy for those of you that don’t have florist experience.
I was a florist for years and would recommend this for those of you that want mason jars as part of your decorations.

You can start on these early. Start collecting jars, nets and then add the flowers that way you’d like them, photograph the steps and then place them into a box (jars, net and instruction photo’s). This way you can assign this task to someone that asks ‘What can I do to help?’, you can point to the box and flowers and without spending a ton of time explaining and the person doesn’t need to be a florist.

This bouquet d.i.y. hack can be found here




create your own aisle marker with a set of simple vines. Here jasmine is used for it’s delicate nature, but any vine or flowering branch would also look beautiful. Enjoy!

This post came from Once Wed, and the full tutorial can be found here.

Pinterest. For me it’s about providing inspiration + finding it


Pinterest \\ Inspiration. Giving it and Sharing it.

Pinterest has been a huge source of inspiration for me. Not only gathering it, hours of visual eye candy. But it’s more than just gathering new ideas + tips. It has inspired me to up my game. My blog, my home and my personal life. It’s not so much that I think ‘Oh, I need to have everything look so perfect ‘Pinterest worthy’, it’s more like ‘hey, I have a ton of ideas and feel like I can be contributing in some way’.

I joined Pinterest through an invitation some time around 2010 / 2011. I think it was because I had so many followers on my Tumblr, which I later discovered had images that were spread all over Pinterest. I accepted my invitation but at first didn’t do so much with it, that was until I started following the right people and pinning became easier to do with the pin plugin on the Chrome browser.

Pinterest keeps making changes to the platform. Some I like, some I don’t, this is all down to the user experience. I for example don’t like that on the iPhone app I cannot see the text or the pinner. So if for example you see a recipe, but don’t see that it is sugar free, and you have a board so you can gather sugar free recipes, you most likely will skip something assuming it’s not sugar free even though the text for the pin is ‘Sugar Free’. I’m not sure why they removed that unless it was just for aesthetics.

They took away likes, which really ticks me off. I like my boards to be tidy, visually pleasing so I pin what I consider ‘pins gone wrong’ that have a good tip, but look hideous on private boards. I liked pins that I was happy to see on Pinterest, I liked pins that came from my website and I liked pins sometimes not enough to actually pin. Now all of my favorites aren’t visible. So yeah, this one I don’t agree with.

Still I love Pinterest. I’m a mega fan and use it almost daily. I like to go online in the evenings or browse when needing a dose of inspiration for a project. It does for creativity what coffee does for me in the morning. If you’re not a coffee addict you may think I’m bonkers, but really, seriously, I need at least two cups before I even give a shit about what is going on in the world. When I see good pins, it’s like a shot of adrenaline going through me and the creative process kicks in on days when I’m not feeling ‘it’


Not only do I use Pinterest for ideas, inspiration, I like too share with others. I share what I see, and I share what I make. That’s the true beauty of Pinterest. I’ve had so many friends tell me that they were inspired by something on my pin boards. So sharing is for me the most fun.

I’ve won a few prizes using Pinterest as well. Twice from a Dutch building supply chain, KARWEI, and once through FLEXA. I’ve won over €350 in total! Gift cards and or gift packages. I also had a major giveaway with my former blog, Vintage Rose Brocante. International judges and a Dutch dishware site gave away two €50 prizes.

Dutch magazines, Ariadne at Home + Margriet have listed me as people to follow.


Thanks for stopping by. I’d love it if you left a comment with your Pinterest link!

Do you have a favorite Pinner? If so let me know below 🙂

xoxo Micheile

Monday mix week 27 || Femme Fatale Playlist

femme fatale

Music is something I love. In most cases I can’t stand mainstream music, DJ’s or repetitive lyrics. Lyrics, I have always been fascinated by them.

Was a cactus blooming there as you watched the native boy?
In a flagstaff trailor court, you wrote the line
‘He kicked a tumbleweed and his mother called him home
Where the Arizona moon met the Arizona sun’

That’s from a song by the 10,000 Maniacs, ‘The Painted Desert‘. I could list so many more of Nathalie Merchants lyrics here, like the lyrics from ‘Verdi Cries’.

He will not touch their pastry
But every day they bring him more
Gold from the breakfast tray, I steal them all away
And then go, eat them on the shore

On this weeks (not a series, just every once in a while on Monday) Monday Mix features some of my favorite female artists. Some songs were once popular, some not, either way they may be obscure to you. I hope I may be introducing you to something new.

I don’t personally know many people that have the same taste as me. My friends and acquaintances usually like crappy top 40. I know that sounds rude. It is, if you listen to top 40. The thing is, if you are listening to top 40 it’s probably because you’re okay with record companies telling you what to listen to. I’ll admit it’s not all crap, but most of it is made just to sell and has no authenticity to it at all.

My boyfriend and I share interests when it comes to many artists. For example; Beck, Radiohead, The Strokes and even Billie Holiday (my favorite for summer evenings in the garden). My daughter and I like almost all of the same music. She once took me to a Placebo concert for my birthday ♥.

If you happen to like some of the genres I do, could you give me some tips as well?

I’m curious about your interests.


Mazzy Star
She Hangs Brightly
Hope Sandoval
Bavarian Fruit Bread
Le Bonheur
Alexandra Savior
Belladonna of Sadness
Binki Shapiro (w/ Adam Green)
Adam Green & Binki Shapiro
There is an End
Holly Golightly (w/ The Greenhornes)
Sewed Souls
Consequence of Sounds
Regina Spektor
Mary Ann meets the Gravediggers...
I Won't Share You
Sixpence None the Richer
Please, Please, Please...
Facing West
The Staves
Dead & Born & Grown
Train Song
Vashti Bunyan
Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
Alexandra Savior
Belladonna of Sadness
Mazzy Star
Into Dust
So Tonight That I Might See
The Last Song
Camera Obscura
Tears For Affairs
Never is a Promise
Fiona Apple
Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
The Very Best Of
Lost and Found
Taken by Trees
Lost & Found

Monday mix week 27 2017 a Creative mess Blog

My lists are made using Spotify Premium, if you don’t have access you can maybe look the artists and songs up on You Tube or your choice for music.

Have a nice day, and don’t forget that the newest Creative Market freebies are out today!

xoxo Micheile


Teresa Micheile Henderson
Teresa Micheile Henderson
Teresa Micheile Henderson

A few weeks ago I saw on Facebook that Seiger Wonen, in Oldenzaal was going to open a ZUIVER showroom in their store. I’m a huge fan of ZUIVER so I wanted to go for sure. So when I commented that I was going, I also mentioned that I’d like to take pictures for my blog if they wouldn’t mind. Seiger Wonen not only didn’t mind but they asked if I’d be interested in organize something for bloggers. Before I knew it there was a bloggers meet-up! A special thanks to the ladies at Bloggerscafé Oost for helping us find bloggers to attend.

Together with around ten more like-minded interior junkies we gathered and did what bloggers do, we took photographs, talked and took more photographs. A spokesperson from ZUIVER came to tell us about the brand ZUIVER and how it came to be what it is today. To my surprise, the brand Dutchbone is from ZUIVER. The two interior design brands are at the top of my interior label crush list.

The showrooms at Seiger Wonen for the two brands are directly next to each other. I went for ZUIVER but couldn’t help taking tons of photographs from the Dutchbone section. The two are different but have some of the same key qualities. Those being, well designed trendy products that are affordable for design, and they are in stock.

ZUIVER is Nordic Design -Dutch Design, Scandinavian, with clean lines, minimal and practical, whilst Dutchbone is more raw, old world, vintage with warmer colors.

Our hosts were Seiger Wonen, which is a family run business that is well established in Oldenzaal. Side note; Oldenzaal is referred to as ‘de glimlach van Twente’, which translated means the smile of Twente (name of the area in this part of The Netherlands).

Seiger provided us with refreshments and snacks, plus an opportunity to take photographs before the doors opened for the public. They also arranged for two speakers. One I mentioned earlier from ZUIVER, and one hell of an inspirational woman that together with her father is behind k’willem in huis. I’m going to be posting separately about their story and inspirational designs soon.

Thanks Seiger Wonen + ZUIVER for making the meet-up possible.

Were you one of the bloggers at today’s meet-up? If you’ve posted about the event please leave the link here below in the comments section. Always fun to share, don’t you think? I’m also curious as to how you experienced the afternoon!

Below are some photographs my daughter, Cierra and I took at the event. It is a mix of ZUIVER and Dutchbone. Also my wishlists from the two brands can also be found below.

Enjoy, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

xoxo Micheile


Teresa Micheile Henderson

Two classics from ZUIVER, the Albert Kuip armchair + the Round Wall mirror.

Teresa Micheile Henderson

These Navigator pendant lamps are on my wishlist. Along with at least 80% of their collection.

Doulton Office Chair
Office swivel chair
OMG chair
six different colours
Albert Kuip armchair
sturdy and steady
Navigator pendant lamp
industrial lighting fixture
Flex table lamp
adjustable wooden arm and dimmable light
Birdy pendant lamp
elegant wooden fitting, with braided rattan
Flex wall lamp
Extendable arm, gold coloured inside
Broker desk lamp
powder coated finish, copper coloured inside
Dek 51 pendant lamp
thick leather, brushed metal
Cable Drop pendant lamp
Shade made of iron wire and twisted paper
Fad wall shelf
Iron shelf support with brown buffalo leather
Nito vase
Ceramic with glazed diamond pattern
Round Wall mirror
Plywood frame, Oak veneer
Blob vase
Powder coated iron, for every type of bouquet
Saber wall lamp
Cinema like lightbox with lettering
Dendron side table
Solid mango wood top
High on Wood cabinet
heavy oak , glossy, super modern MDF
Dragon Rib sofa
Removable cover in ribcord fabric
Lit wall shelf
inspired by old grocery stores & pharmacies
Stilo desk table
Vintage-looking working, drawing table
Rustic wall cabinet
Rustic brocante style cabinet
Tides side table (set of 2)
Traditional styling and industrial flair
Rusty cabinet
New locker cabinet in a vintage rendering
Attractif mirror
Mirror with powder coated aluminium frame
Tout est Possible artwork
Concrete decoration with printed artwork
Kubu Round chair
Rattan shell Black powder coated iron frame
Kubu chair
Simplicity gives Kubu its undeniable style
Ovid counter stool
Sturdy metal frame with vintage quality
Wood top pendant lamp
Iron shade, with black mango wood top
Sura pendant lamp
Sheesham wood lamp holder with brass top
Nana pendant lamp
Braided banana leaves shade / wire frame
Oasis plant hanger
Brass lacquered aluminium bowl
Scuola chair
School chair gone chique


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