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The original recipe is from Jamie Oliver from his 15 minute meals cookbook. I’ve adapted it more out of convenience than anything else. Some of the ingredients are not always easy to find. This is definitely one of my favorites! [yumprint-recipe id=’2′]

Parma & Sun-dried Tomato Pizza Wrap

Parma & Sun-dried Tomato Pizza Wrap  Table for two. On warm summer days I enjoy eating outside in the garden with a cold beverage. I love cooking with fresh seasonable vegetables but don’t enjoy spending so much time in the kitchen on those days when the temperature is rising. Usually I cook for two; my […]


AURAY, FRANCE PICTURESQUE A French village you have to visit if you’re in Brittany region. Auray is a picturesque coastal village in Brittany, France just outside of Vannes. It is quaint and charming just as I had hoped it would be. I was charmed with it’s small harbor, colored shutters and roses that were growing […]

Brocante Market in France

Brocante Market || Quiberon, France Yesterday Ivo and I visited a Brocante market here in Quiberon. You’d think with all my history with Vintage Rose Brocante that I would have been earlier to a French brocante market but that wasn’t the case… until now. It was small but had enough to make my heart beat […]

accessorize with flowers, plants + greenery

Accessorize with plants + greenery creative ways for decorating with flowers, plants + greenery Decorating with plants in your home can really spruce things up! Here are some awesome ways to decorate with plants. A bit of nature in your home gives it a freshness and coziness. I like when plants are grouped together. On […]

Engaged 2013

This is a repost from the event in 2013. The original post was lost somewhere when I moved the from my old site. Since the post wasn’t well received by the organisation I’m not going to rewrite it at length. Here is a summary of the event. It was awesome! It was so wonderful to […]