Weird right? Micheile. It is pronounced Michele (silent ‘e’ on the end). I almost want to spell it incorrectly just to avoid people thinking I’ve made a typo.

I’m originally from Sonoma, California. In 1995 I moved to The Netherlands, and in 1999 I officially became a Dutch citizen. I love living in Europe! I won’t get into politics, and the social systems on this page. The charming cities and castles were a convincing reason enough to stay in Europe. No need to go into quality of life statistics; you know things like mandatory paid vacations, and affordable health care…. for all.

Blogging! I’ve been at it for more than ten years. This blog got it’s own domain in 2010, and before that I used blogger + tumblr. VINTAGE ROSE BROCANTE, was where it all started. After a while I grew out of it, or rather out of roses + brocante. Also, a technical problem caused me to lose more than half of my blogs content. It was hard focusing on adding old posts considering the posts felt out of date and were no longer of interest for me. Looking back at old work is like looking back on old relationships… what was I thinking??

A Creative Mess is for me the perfect location for most of my interests. I have had a couple of difficult years, and have now found some stability. Not only am I now able to blog more, I WANT TO BLOG MORE! Photography, styling, and baking are still my most passionate hobbies. I’m a graphic designer enthusiast, and though I have no professional training I am constantly trying to become better.

I want to be the kind of person that inspires others to up their game.

I’ve got an Associated Arts degree from The Fashion Instituted of Design and Merchandising (aka FIDM). My degree is in Visual Presentation and Space Design. For years I worked as a florist, and for a short time I had my own florist business. I’ve found that my hobbies, and skills make for a great combination for blogging. My writing however is a bit of a mess. Without a doubt I focus more on imagery and presentation. I’m going to be working on developing my writing skills, and as always my photography, and graphic design skills as well.

My blog(s) have made it into the media, including a two page piece I wrote for Daphne’s Diary.

If you’re interested in collaborating, or showcasing your work here, let me know. I’m open for ideas. DISCLAIMER: I don’t blog for companies for free, and won’t reply to requests that ask me to do so. Sponsored posts are fine, as long as the content is interesting for me, and my visitors.