Hi there! I’m Micheile

I’m originally from Sonoma, California. In 1995 I moved to The Netherlands and in 1999 I officially became a Dutch citizen. I love living in Europe! I won’t get into politics and the social systems on this page. The charming cities and castles were a convincing reason enough to stay in Europe. No need to go into quality of life statistics; you know things like mandatory paid vacations and affordable health care…. for all.

I am the mother of Cierra. I live with my boyfriend Ivo (pronounced Evo), and our cats in Enschede. We have a detached home, surrounded by high walls that are covered with ivy. It’s very spacious, and open (1507 square feet / 140 m2). We’re extremely busy with making changes to our home. We’ve lived here just over a year, and have done quite a bit! Sometimes feels like it will never be done, and then I look back at the photographs of our first looking and think WOW!

Here are two photographs of our garden, while we were removing the grass, and stones. The second photo is after we placed the shells.



Our style is eclectic! Our home is quite urban looking, with its large surrounding walls, brick exterior set to give the impression that it’s actually an old factory. Our colors consist mostly of greens, grey, black with wooden accents. We’ve got a lot of plants and are planning a hanging system along some of the walls for air-plants, and hanging vases (one of our cats thinks a vase it meant to be pushed over…). We like industrial, but also a bit of vintage country style. Natural materials like rattan, and wood mixed with rougher materials like iron and other metals.  At the moment my bedroom contains all of my Scandinavian accessories, and furniture… it really looks like my previous home!

Blogging! I’ve been at it for more than ten years. In 2010 I started blogging on with my own domain, and before that I used blogger + tumblr. After a while I grew out of it, or rather out of Brocante (antiques + Curiosa). Also a technical problem caused me to lose more than half of my blogs content. It was hard focusing on adding old posts considering the posts felt out of date and were no longer of interest for me. Looking back at old work is like looking back on old relationships… what was I thinking?? I think even the best designers think this while browsing through their portfolios, right?

After trying several other blogs, including Vintage Rose Brocante, I’ve decided to come back here and redirect VRB to A Creative Mess. I’ve lost touch with many of my visitors, mostly because of lack of content and interest on my part. However I really do like blogging. I blog about all types of subjects; graphic design, printables, photography, interior design and baking are some of the many eclectic topics you’ll find here. My shop has free downloads (everything is free).

A Creative Mess is for me the perfect location for all of my interests. I have had a couple of difficult years and have now found some stability. Not only am I now able to blog more, I WANT TO BLOG MORE! Photographing, styling and baking are still my most passionate hobbies. I’m a graphic designer enthusiast and though I have no professional training I am constantly trying to improve my skills.

I’ve got an Associated Arts degree from The Fashion Instituted of Design and Merchandising (aka FIDM). My degree is in Visual Presentation and Space Design. For years I worked as a florist and for a short time I had my own florist business. I feel that my hobbies and skills make for an excellent combination for blogging. My writing however is a bit of a mess. Without a doubt I focus more on imagery and presentation. I’m going to be working on developing my writing skills. Same goes for my photography and graphic design projects. #upmygame

If you are interested in working with me on a collaboration please get in touch with me (you can use the form below). If you’d like to place a submission for a project you’re working on please let me know.

Whether you’re a new visitor or a returning visitor I want to thank you for stopping by. I really do appreciate you taking the time to read this! Feel free to comment and please add your blog or Pinterest link so we can all share our work + interests!

Again thanks so much for dropping by!