Day three


Signature style, do you have your own photography style? I’m still all over the place with mine. So I’m really happy to start focusing on the subject signature style. My photography style is most of the time soft, bright and emotional. I personally don’t like flash photography and prefer only natural light. I like to photograph things that don’t move… like children. I prefer photographing flowers and props but long to have the skills that would allow me to photograph couples and events. What I’m missing when I go through my photo’s is continuity. In the past I’ve used filters / actions and have decided to no longer use them. I am still getting to know the camera and I think it’ll take time to develop a signature style. I do notice I’m becoming more comfortable while photographing. Especially still life which is why I’m hoping to provide stock photography for bloggers and small businesses in the near future. I love that I can recognize somebodies work when browsing online but I know my own work lacks this –for the moment! I am determined to take better pics!

I’m hoping this series of posts will help all of us who want to improve our visual skills.


Your lens favourite. Mine is without a doubt the 50mm. I love the photo’s I get using that lens. I recommend experimenting with different lenses, focal lengths and fragment stops. When you think you’ve found your photography style it’s easier to know your favourite lens and how to use it to achieve the end look you want.

I used a 50mm for this shot taken at a wedding in September this year.



Your photography style may consist of certain choices of what you prefer to photograph. For example flowers, people, landscapes, food, and nature Also where you shoot can be part of your style. For example locations where you’d most likely shoot; in a studio, city, by the sea or in a field. Your compositions are a major factor in your style. Is your subject in the middle or is there a lot of negative space? Are subjects filling the whole scene? What about your lighting choices, for example natural light, strobes, flashes etc.). Do you use filters or actions on your photo’s? This is then part of your photo style.

How you edit your images says a lot about your style.


Look for inspiration! Study the work of your influencers. The more you look at others’ work, the more your eyes also start to see new things. The more you cultivate your eye, the more you will also understand your own visual style. Observe, look at and study different creative styles. The more you observe other peoples work, the easier it will be for you to form a basis for your own visual style.


Study your own work. Look at some of your most recent work and ask yourself what it is you like or don’t like about them. Are there photo’s that stand out? Is there a coherent style? Are my colour palettes similar as well as my composition and subject? Try to find patterns in how you work. Pinpoint and name your style. Maybe your style is more like a still life portrait or it shows movement? Is it more modern, contemporary boho, or like mine, eclectic. (I really want to take that word eclectic off my style list!) Does your work show emotion? If so embrace and develop it.

Keep asking yourself questions about your own work and constantly reflect.

Positive notes for myself -> I have noticed with my style that I am spending more time with composition. I shoot a lot of details and close-up’s.

The negative of this, or rather a conclusion is that I don’t have many photographs with negative space which I personally find stunning. Maybe I need to see this as a sign that it just isn’t my style but more of a preference for viewing other peoples work.


Be resolute when styling. The decisions you make while styling your photographs are going to help you create your signature style. Try to narrow down your visual style and stick to it most of the times. Though it’s okay to experiment don’t do it all the time (like I tend to do!). If you are like me constantly experimenting then you will not end up with a personal style and your work will not become recognizable.

If you use actions or filters with your image be consistent! Continuity is crucial for a signature style.

There are many ways to recognize and develop your own signature style but the best advice I’m learning is to experiment a lot and be inspired by others! Curate but keep it real!

#upyourvisuals and have a nice evening 🙂

xoxo Micheile

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