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I’m Micheile, and this is my personal website where I share an eclectic mix of my favorite things. Here you’ll find stories on webdesign, photography, food, and interior.

the webshop is full of free printables, resources & much more!

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Free Stuff!

My shop is full of 100% free files. You’ll find printable party decorations, greeting cards, stock photography, invitations, guides and editable templates.


ACM has many easy to use printables, with video tutorials for construction and online editing. Party flags, menu’s, cake-toppers and much more. Also if  you haven’t found what you’re looking for —use the form below and maybe I can add it to the shop!


WordPress Website Demo’s

I like to make website demo’s! If you like something I’ve made, or have ideas of your own maybe we could possibly work together. I work for free 😉 email me at hello@acreativemess.nl to see if we’re a match!

Personalizing / Custom Designs!

Not able to edit the templates/files, or simply can’t find the time? I can help you. I don’t charge —it’s a free service. I can’t take on a lot of projects, however I can edit the items in the freebie shop for you. Or create something new for the shop and help you personalize it.

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some recent WordPress demo’s

de serre


tou jours




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from the freebie shop

easter_printable_set_bundle_free_2018@1200x1680FREE Editable Vintage Floral Card Templates (set of 16)

recent products

FREE Editable Vintage Floral Card Templates (set of 16)

vintage floral editable templates (16 styles)

Ancient Oriental Rice Paper & Airy Ink Floral Festive Set

ancient oriental rice paper & airy ink floral festive set

boho style party invitation